Pre-Departure Briefing

As the destination that has decided is totally a new land for students. Our pre-departure briefing involves more about the place. We also give one-one counselling to make the students to achieve goal for which he/she has taken this decision of study. This final counselling will make students to strive for excellence. We already got more appreciation from parents for this work. Again we do not charge any money for this service.

VISA Assistance

Student visa procedures will vary for different countries. So our experts will guide you in preparing the documents that are needed for filling a visa. We never appreciate or prepare any fake documents for visa purposes. We do not charge any money for this service, We have hundred percent success rates for most of the country’s student visas.

Travel Arrangements

We provide cheapest flight ticket for students who enrolled by truematics. We have collaboration with major travel agents in India. This can be done only if the candidate informed us prior to travel planning.


This is one of the major things that have to be done if you are moving abroad. There are lots of things for which you can claim insurance like travelling, health, etc. We always advice our students to take health insurance, as there are lots of benefit in it.

Foreign Exchange

As you were travelling to different country, you may need some little money for initial expense. This money has to be carried in the form of foreign currency. Those who do not have any idea about this can get advice from our experts. We will guide you to better agents who can give competitive price for foreign currency.