East European University, one of the best universities for medical studies, was established in 2012 at Tbilisi, the Capital of Georgia. The MBBS degree (Integral MD) from EEU is recognized worldwide. The university is considered as a leading university in the world and offers the best facilities for its students, particularly those arriving from abroad. A global standard of education is offered by this university. For Indian students aspiring to do MBBS, this university is surely a coveted destination as it offers a wide range of educational and professional opportunities to its students.

The University offers its programs in both Georgian and English languages. English being one of the medium of teaching, international students, particularly from those in India, would be comfortably placed to go through their learning curve.

The university has put in place a world-class education system. Students passing from the university are employed at some of the best places in the world and have established themselves as top physicians. Among the several amenities offered to the students are a chance to remain connected with the university by remaining employed at the University Clinic and its concerned departments. For an MBBS student wishing to be doctor with a bona fide degree from a foreign university, this opportunity is a great bonus.

Volodymira Vernandskogo street 9, Dnipro, Ukraine


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