After Landing Services

For certain countries, we provide airport pick-up service. This can be done only if the candidate informs prior to departure. We also help them in an opening a bank account in their new destination. For some countries, we arrange part-time jobs or student jobs. We constantly monitor students’ academic performance if requested by parents. Apart from all of these services, telematics is the top overseas education consultant in India. We made studying abroad very easy than ever before. We provide most of the services from admission to after-landing help. Thanks for choosing us as your abroad education consultants. Be a part of our alumni and keep growing.


Most of the international students get guaranteed accommodation in abroad universities. We also provide information about private accommodation. Private accommodation is always cheaper than on campus hostel. Its always up to the candidate to decide about the accommodation needs.

SIM Cards

We advice students about the service providers of telecom and their tariff plan. This will help students in choosing the best service provider at low cost. We also suggest some SIM card which can be bought in India and used in abroad.