Admission Guidance

We at The Encore Abroad, strive for excellence in catering our services to the best medical talents of India. Since admission in India is a big hassle and admission in Abroad is a big decision, so here we are with a glimmer of hope, that enables you to never stop chasing your academic dream. All you need to do is to choose the Best Overseas Education Consultant. So, it’s time to consolidate all your efforts and move on to a next level for following your dream.


The first step we start with is your profiling. We get to know about you, your goals, aspirations, your interest, your education qualification, extracurricular activities, internship and work experience. We also give great value to your parent’s words, so we do listen to them in order to get a clear idea about your financial position and other requirements. Competitive exam scores are another important factor for profiling, so we make sure that you prepare yourself for exams like GRE, TOEFL, GMAT, IELTS so that we can include these scores in your profile in order to start our next step.

Admission Guidance

We advise all our students in preparing documents for admission in universities. If a student needs to write IELTS/TOFEL we let them know about it early to appear for exam. This helps them in getting admission as early as possible and get more time for visa processing.


These scores are accepted from students belonging to non-English speaking countries. But now many universities accept students even without these scores. In such cases they may require a document stating that you are from an English medium background. We will help you get the required documents.

GRE: GRE is preferred if you want to pursue MS in abroad.

GMAT: GMAT is required while applying for an MBA in abroad.

Now many universities admit you even without these scores. If it is mandatory, we will send your scores to the required university departments.

Program Selection

Here we list the programs that best suit you based on your educational qualification, competitive exam scores and economic condition. We list down the programs and its related fields, say if it is Computer science, we give options like networking or information technology, big data, cloud competing. Basically we do this to understand your interest and would like to get a clear yes or no from you, so that we can choose accordingly.